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Nalle Grönberg is a reliable and experienced professional in the field.

Chief Designer Services for Even Challenging Construction Projects – Western Uusimaa

Are you looking for a chief designer for your construction project? Call us! We offer chief designer services for various construction projects in the areas of Kirkkonummi, Lohja, and other parts of Western Uusimaa. Our clientele includes private customers, companies, and housing corporations.

The role of the chief designer is to ensure the compatibility and comprehensiveness of the construction project plans. The chief designer presents the plans to the building control authority and acts as a contact person for the developer. Our work is statutory chief design work, so you can rest assured that everything will be done properly and meticulously.

Contacting the chief designer at the beginning of the planning phase ensures a successful and effectively executed project. Hiring a professional chief designer means you only have to enjoy the outcome of the project! If you're interested in working together, contact us to discuss further. We also offer building consultancy services and chief construction supervisor services.

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